personal training 

Get your goals with our personal training service. We will put at your disposal a personal trainer, a health profesional that will guide you to perform an exercise routine according to your physical condition, your purpose and always with the premise of getting benefits for your health. If you are looking for a motivation to perform quality and safe physical exercise, get in our hands.


fitness room


Get an optimal state of health. We offer you the means you need in the physical plane. Our fitness room has cardio area, specialized machinery to train muscles, tools for work with free weights, bars to practice calisthenics, space for stretching and various activities, punching bags if you want to practice and much more. Come and see it yourself.


+ Clases 

For only 10€ more, contract Fitness room + group classes membership. It gives you the opportunity to attend the group classes taught in our center in addition to the ressources of the fitness room.



Another way to understand the payment. You can enjoy facilities in yout payment. If you want to pay training days to avoid paying the monthly fee and go with infrequently, you can do so. We adapt to you. The pass pack do not expire as long as you preserve it. This should be in good condition to be able to consume the sessions.

10 sessions 55€

Electro fitness

Train with electro stimulation. Make electro-fitness is one of the best way to practice physical exercise. Define the figure, reduce cellulite, improves oxygenation and muscles recovery, relieves pain (contracture, lumbalgo, etc…) and a lot more: Contrast this information and you will see that many studies endorse this practice. Come and try it.